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Fish Formula and its inventor Dr. David Bethshears (pharmacist, and fisherman) were using science back in the 80s; but today, they are using ADVANCED SCIENCE.

We catch fish not fishermen. Some scent manufacturers simply don't understand how fish use their olfactory system. Airborne and water-soluble scents don't use our advanced science. In our proprietary formula, we combine the best in advanced scent technology, 40 years of research and development, and secret formulas locked in a safe in a product called Bait-Pop available for all fishermen! Bait-Pop has the natural Fish Formula scents in them THAT HAVE BEEN PROVEN TO HELP CATCH MORE FISH in studies conducted by Samford University using a Y maze and years of proven success by fishermen. The product is also specially formulated to enhance a longer lasting taste benefit. Bait-Pop is also formulated with Sparklscales from the Original Fish Formula, so you can customize your baits visual appearance to trigger more visual strikes and put the odds in your favor. This advanced scent formulation also gives an edge to people using forward facing sonar by being a LIVE SONAR INTENSIFIER to help anglers see their bait better and further on all live sonar.

The Advanced Science we use produces truly the only advanced scent technology that has proven scent, taste, Sparklscales (visual stimulator) and is a Live Sonar Intensifier.


"BAIT-POP is a must have in my boats. It has already changed the way I utilize my Garmin LiveScope and it could be one of the hardest products for anglers to find this year, we're working hard to ramp up production to make it accessible to everyone."


Fish Formula was using science back in the 80s; but today, Fish Formula and its inventor, Dr. David Bethshears, are using ADVANCED SCIENCE. 


Bait-Pop is an ADVANCED SCIENCE of the successful Original Fish Formula. It's a patented and proprietary formula that is a LIVE SONAR INTENSIFIER for your bait or line and includes scented fish attractant with the same advanced science. Bait-Pop combines the best in forward-facing sonar, letting you see your bait better and further with this advanced scent technology. Watch your bait and line POP to life on your sonar screen and scent your bait with the longest running and most successful scents from The Original Fish Formula. 

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