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Dr. David Bethshears

Hello, my name is David Bethshears the inventor of The Original Fish Formula back in the late 70's and early 80's.  I want to take this time to thank each of you who have used Fish Formula to help you catch fish and make Fish Formula a success in the fishing world. 

In the last 5 years I have recently become hooked on live sonar. Now my new interest has started a new future for Fish Formula. I was using science back in the early days of Fish Formula, but now we are using ADVANCED SCIENCE. Bait-Pop is a patented and proprietary formula that uses advanced scent technology to catch more and bigger fish while allowing you to customize your baits, and see them better on live sonar. 

 Jesus our Lord has become a big part of my life.  In fact, He's Everything!  I truly pray that you are a believer in Christ.  If not, my prayer for you is that you become a believer and a Follower of Christ. I look forward to a new future with you and new opportunities.

God Bless, David

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Living Legends in
American Sportsfishing 


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