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All About
The Original Fish Formula

Fish Formula has a rich history starting back in the early 80's. Fish Formula was helping anglers to catch fish with the scented products with innovative fish attractants.


The Future of Fish Formula will include the sense of smell but will also include the sense of sight.  The discharge in the water will include sight of the Sparklscales and the scent attractant. This is very important to the fish.


We now offer 3 products at the present time (1) Fish Formula crappie formulation with Sparklscales recommended for use with hair hand tied jigs.  Hair hand tied jigs absorb the oil and control the release of the scent. (2) Fish Formula crappie paste with Sparklscales. We recommended for use with all plastic jigs.  The paste formulation adheres and stays on the plastic with a control release. (3) Fish Formula Bait-Pop recommended for Live Sonar use to enhance your bait on live sonar technology


As a company, Bait-Pop, Inc. my wife and I look forward to serving you, The Fisherman.

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New and exciting products to enter the market in 2022.  Patented formula that when applied to the bait or the line it will make it POP.  Currently available in monkey milk color but more colors are to come.

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